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About Maria Vitoratos

Maria Vitoratos

As an educator, I am invested in ensuring that education is not limited to a textbook or the classroom. I am devoting my career to building and creating initiatives that build career readiness for individuals facing career transitions.  By creating career education opportunities, I am able to bring all stakeholders together to collaborate and build the career readiness that is required to help a individual strive and thrive for inspiring careers. With youth unemployment rising and an aging society remaining in the employment pool longer than ever before, career education should not be limited to a university application at the end of a student's secondary education and retirement should not be the expectation for a young 60-year old.  


After leaving full-time employment in an institution in the UAE, I merged my entrepreneurial and educational skills and I continue striving to create new opportunities that will empower my audiences around the world. I work with parents, teenagers, school leaders, educators and professionals to bring the best opportunities for building career education across the UAE. 


When I am not building my career empire, I am creating social projects that enrich the quality of human interactions within my community. I have been credited for founding and creating wk on my two social projects #STRONG, and the UAE Careers Community. Moreover, it is evident that I use my various professional tools from coaching to teaching and everything in between to empower young people and the community. I always strive to empower individuals on both personal & professional platforms. In addition, I contributed to the growth and success of individuals, adolescents, and teams as an Executive Coach, Mentor and Educator since the early days of 2007. However, my journey as a teacher began in 1996. Throughout my experiences, I learned that theory and practice must unite to bring educational experiences that are long-lasting and sustainable for the youth.


I continue to strive for my personal best in all elements of my career and my life whilst remaining genuine and authentic. I believe that one of my greatest strengths is ‘moving things forward’ while demonstrating a commitment to my own professional development, as well as the professional development of my team, students, and clients.

Through my work with clients and research, I believe that I am significantly impacting the capacity to influence and manage change within the global community. I am passionate about securing the best outcomes for the individuals in my care and I am determined to energize and empower the individuals that I work with.

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