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The Focused Gap Year

"The key to a successful gap year is in the design process. It's not about getting a part-time job or travelling. It's about understanding the WHY your gap year will be impactful." 
                               ~ Maria Vitoratos


Agonizing over university choices.

Afraid of making the wrong choices.

Feeling overwhelmed by the next chapter of your life?

Feeling like you're stuck and don't know how to figure it all out.

Feeling scared about missing out on something but you don't feel like you can trust yourself to make the right choice for your future career?

Feeling pressured to do what everybody else is doing because you feel 'stuck'?

Locking yourself up in your room to hide away from your parents' constant questions about your career choices?

Not feeling good enough because you need time to think about your future before you make choices?

Not understanding where to start?

Feel confident that you're making the RIGHT choices!

Put an end to the endless listening to everyone's out-of-context opinions!

Apply to experiences of work that provide added value to your future career discoveries!

Rocket launching your future career aspirations!

Excited and confident to talk to your parents about your future career choices!

Stop 'winging' your career decisions.

Feel AWESOME & inspired to research job markets that relate to your future work environments!

What to Expect From the Gap Year Sessions?

An unforgettable Gap Year adventure lays ahead for you! Your transformative journey begins with a comprehensive career discovery and research experience, setting the stage for a year of growth and self-discovery. At the core of the Gap Year program lie two fundamental pillars: employability and a high-quality life through your career.

You will dive into dynamic sessions carefully created to ignite effective planning, refine your career research skills, and solidify the experiences and opportunities that you aim to achieve throughout your gap year. We believe in the power of hands-on learning, and every session is a step towards clarifying your aspirations.

Mentorship is the compass guiding you through this experience. Ms.V, your experienced mentor, is here to facilitate your growth, share wisdom from her own journey, and provide insights that can shape your path. But remember, this is your journey – your choices matter. 

Your gap year becomes more than just a year; it becomes a launchpad for your future. With MV Careers, you're not just taking a break – you're designing milestones towards your career aspirations and enhancing your social development skills.


The Gap Year is about embracing the opportunity, seizing every moment, and shaping a year with intention, purpose, and excitement.

Register for The Focused Gap Year program today!

By the End of The Focused Gap Year Program...

Confidently choose your career choices.

Build Your Professional Porfolio
& Make Your Applications

No more making university choices and agonizing over whether the choices that you're making will be the right choices.

Put an end to the endless signing up for everything or procrastinating and not doing anything. Build experiences that lead you to gaining the skillset you need for the world-of-work. 

Discuss your Career Choices
With Your Parents With Confidence.

Discover If Your Chosen Occupations Will Be a Job on the Rise In The Country You Plan To Work In.

No more stonewalling, arguing or crying

when your parents want to ask you about your future career choices. You'll be excited to share your future career aspirations!

No more 'winging your future career'.You won't need to be afraid of predictions for the future because you'll understand how to research aspired occupations and reflect on job markets in the country that you plan to work in.

Hannah Muldoon

"During my gap year, I wrote a book, as well as, career discovering. I feel this has helped me take some time out and figure out what I want to do in the future.
I recommend this experience as it allowed me to create my own schedule and work at my own pace. I also recommend this experience as I took time out to discover what I liked and what I wanted to do instead of being forced to do something I may not have liked and I felt fully supported during this gap year experience."

Dehandre Van Wyk

"I did a gap year under the guidance of Maria. I am forever grateful for this gift of time, and it helped me feel better prepared for the next chapters in my life. It wasn't always smotth sailing, but the bumps in the road built character. 
The most valuable lesson that I learned during my gap year is to trust myself and do the things that make me happy. I think I spent too much time during high school trying to do what I thought ofthers wanted that I forgot what I wanted.
My gap year changed who I am and who I want to be in the future. Each practical session with a professional, each one highly qualified in their field, was building blocks to who I want to be. 
If I could give any advice to a student thinking about a gap year, it would be to do it. Don't worry about the 'traditional path' because there is no such thing - only the right path for you. It is not a year off; it is a year of life experience and a year to grow."


"Maria helped me to plan my gap year. I came to Maria with thousands of different ideas and I was very lost with what I wanted to do. So, she sat with me and we went through all of my ideas, and narrowed it down to what I could actually see myself doing in the future.
My gap year was planned into three different stages; and in each stage, I was experimenting and researching my top three interests. The plan in the end was to then through that decide what I wanted to study. However, after that, things did change after my holiday in South Africa where I looked at a chef's school and decided I really liked it and wanted to go there. We still see it as a part of my gap year.
Maria had me as an intern and I did some administrative roles. I'm very grateful, she helped me to be more responsible. She helped me with my time management, and she's a very supportive woman."
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