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A focused Gap Year can be a game-changer of an experience that you will always remember and take pride in. The plethora of experiences that you can gain range from exploring the world, learning a foreign language, gaining cultural experiences, learning a trade, gaining new skills and becoming more confident with yourself, your identity and future career plans. A gap year is NOT a year of sitting on the couch at home while mom and dad pay the bills. The gap year is NOT a year off. Instead, it's a year filled with experiences, learning new knowledge, and gaining new insights that you will take forward throughout your life. The focused gap year is NOT a year you start and finish. It takes time, planning and incredible thought BEFORE, during and after the gap year is completed! Want to learn more? Reach out! I'm here to support you with YOUR gap year! 

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You might not know WHAT you want to do in your future career AND it's so importnat that you don't force yourself to choose any degree or university course because that's what everyone is else is doing. This IS the time for you to take a few months to reflect, discover and explore all of the amazing experiences things that you can do. For example, you may decide to learn a new language, or take an online course, or build a professional skill, or even build your own brand. The sky is the limit when creating your Focused Gap Year and I'm here to help you design the BEST year of your youth! But, hey, don't listen to me, read what some of my previous students said about their Focused Gap Year!

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Want see what a Focused Gap Year Masterplan looks like? Check this out! Remember that it takes weeks to plan and confirm experiences for a gap year. SO, keep this in mind when you see the plan below.

Example Gap Year
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