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Let's Talk Careers with Ms.V

Taking Your Career Stories & Bringing Education to the Youth

Making career choices is one of the most overwhelming decisions a young person must make. For many, an ever-changing world-of-work, limited career guidance, and limited access to a plethora of career role models who share career-decision-journeys make a young person's career decision confidence more daunting.

Career research shows that career readiness requires time, patience, confidence, life experience, and a high level of self awareness for an individual to thrive in their lifelong career. However, students are expected to make career choices 'out of context' at the young age of 16 years...sometimes even younger. 

As a career educator and pracitioner, I aim to provide high-quality career resources to students across the UAE (or as far as my social network channels reach), because I know for certain that education is not limited to school subjects. Preparing the youth for their future career must not be limited by one person in a students' life. Therefore, my career podcast aims to provide students, teachers, and career counsellors key insights to my guests' career stories, journeys, and career decisions. 


Ms.V, otherwise known as, educator, career coach, entrepreneur, researcher, public speaker, podcaster, Maria, or mom to name a few of her roles. However, whichever role she fulfills, Ms.V is whole-heartedly committed to supporting youth with career readiness strategies, resources, and education. 

Ms.V is not your regular podcaster; she is a trained comedian with a lifelong 'sarcastic' twist to her conversations. Students who worked with Ms.V describe her as fun, a little crazy, and very passionate about careers. Ms.V aims to entertain and educate her audiences, no matter how young, or young-at-heart they are. 

If you're looking for academic letters, Ms.V has them all from B. to M.Ed and soon the 'Ed.D or Dr' letters. Yes, she is educated, but her focus and specialisation is always 'career development'. Alongside her higher education degrees, Ms.V is a trained, qualified and experienced 'coach & mentor'. She trained as a Reiki practitoner...the energy thing was her goal. Finally, her upskills include public speaking, creative writing, CV writing, and all things entrepreneurship.

When Ms.V is not on stage talking about careers, teaching students about career development, working with women in career transition, building her MV Careers' team, or studying, you can find her playing mom with her two teen mom-agers and her two fur-managers. 

Life is busy, fun, and always a learning journey for Ms.V. If you ever need to find her, you can always find her behind the screen of her phone or desktop just like every entrepreneur trying to change the world!

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