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Career Winning Strategy with Maria Vitoratos, Careers Coach

Hi. I'm Maria

An educator, career development professional, and a public speaker committed and driven to helping you design the career of your dreams.

Maria Vitoratos Career Coach


  • Making your job feel like 'work' & start creating the career that you want to wake up for everyday!

  • Procrastinating because you're too afraid to make a career change.

  • Waiting for your boss to promote you.


  • How confident you’d feel knowing exactly what to focus on in your career.

  • How confident you'll feel when you take the career leaps you know will catapult you to your career potential.

  • Make career choices that give you self-empowerment and help you take control of your career.

What is the Career Design?

Career Design is a high-quality online training experience for career-transitioners who want to create a meaningful, purposeful, and profitable career strategy.

Whether you're just starting your career or you're transitioning from one phase of your life to the next in your mid-life, Career Design is the 3-step training to give you all the support you need to plot your career growth - saving you years of employment frustration, tears, and disappointment.

I've helped thousands of people build their dream career and create lasting work-life alignment. I'd be honoured to help you too. 💛

Just imagine waking up for work with more. . . 

Clarity & Direction


Get clear on the direction that you want in your professional life. Determine with certainty your potential career paths and take advantage of your opportunities with razor sharp focus.

Confidence &



Cultivate a strong sense of confidence, self-assurance and embrace the challenges to overcome your current career obstacles and achieve your career aspirations with confidence.

Success & Fulfillment

Attain both professional success and personal fulfillment by finding job and satisfaction in the work that you will design that will align with a healthy life balance that allows you to thrive in all aspects of your life!

Career Clarity with Maria Vitoratos, Career Coach
Maria Vitoratos - Career Coach - Stories.png

Career Design will help if you're....

  • Stuck in a job because you never had quality career guidance.


  • Scared of leaving your job because of financial obligations.


  • Trapped in your job because you don’t know what to do so you stay stuck.


  • Not willing to “start over” because of the fear of failure.

  • Dreading going to work and you don't know how to do anything else.

Career Coaching with Ms.V

Finally gain

high-quality career guidance and get crystal-clear on how you want your career to look , feel, and be for the rest of your life.

Design career steps that make you feel safe and excited about work. Avoid making 'reactive' decisions that stress you out.

Break-free from a bad job and a horrible boss that doesn't care about your career. Leap into career choices that align with your life vision.

Career Coaching with Ms.V, Careers Coach

Shift your mindset from "I can't change" to "What else can I do"? 

Make proactive career decisions that guarantee that you wake up everyday feeling a sense of purpose and fulfillment when you go to work.

Transform your life and finally find

work-life alignment instead of

work-to-survive misalignment.

Design Your Career with Maria Vitoratos

How does the Webinar work?

The webinar is a virtual experience and strictly for registered participants only.

What do people have to say about working with Ms.V?

Career Goals with Maria Vitoratos
Maria Vitoratos Career Coach and Public Speaker

Who teaches
Design Your Career?

Design Your Career is led by Maria Vitoratos, the UAE's most passionate Career Coach and the author of 'Empowerment for Teens', Podcast host & producer of 'Let's Talk Careers' and an avid researcher always focusing on helping people just like you gain career readiness and make career choices that help them thrive, celebrate, and feel proud of. 

What you'll learn in the Design Your Career webinar is based on Maria's work experience, education, and the endless career conversations that she's had with clients, podcast guests, and her endless hours researching career advisory processes. 

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