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Want to Build a Thriving Career Strategy in 2024?

Career Winning Strategy with Maria Vitoratos, Careers Coach

Don't Settle For Any Job.

Get the Confidence, Focus, and Career Fufillment You Want.


Does this sound familiar?

"I know my career needs a shift, but..."

  • I'm not sure where to start.

  • I need to pay my bills.

  • I'm too old to change my career.

  • I don't have the skills I need to do anything different.

  • I'm not sure I can do it.

  • I don't feel confident enough, I'm too scared of failure.

Maria Vitoratos Career Coach

If you can relate, you're not alone.

This is what clients, friends, and networkers have been telling me at events, in my office, at the grocery story, through texts, and whenever people find out that I'm a specialised career development coach. It's not your fault that you don't know how to make your next career choice without fear - you didn't learn how to when you were in high school.

What if you could pay your bills and enjoy your job? What if your career could have a sense of PURPOSE and bring you the success, joy, and you could also THRIVE?

Are you ready to pay your bills, enjoy your job, and find true purpose in your work?


Imagine waking up every day excited about your career. Don’t settle for a job that keeps you stuck. Trust me when I say: you CAN design your career for professional growth, turn challenges into opportunities, and find fulfillment in your work.


TRUTH: You can overcome your fear of unemployment and believe in yourself CONFIDENTLY. Aren't you tired of writing endless CVs and waiting for your boss to choose you for that promotion? Since you are reading this page, you know it's time to stop waiting for change and start taking the leap to turn your career dreams into reality.


I'm Maria Vitoratos....I'm also known as Ms.V - I'm the teacher that left the classroom, built a career program for a prominent high school, built a career community, left my comfortable job, and founded MV Careers because I KNOW that a your career development is not a job - it's a mindset shift. I'm a firm believer that you can either work scared, or feel the fear and Design Your Career!


I inspired hundreds of people to flip the switch and Design their Career to build the life that makes them thrive and feel alive. Now, I'm taking this program to the next level. 

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  • Letting your mindset make your potential feel impossible & start creating the career that you want to wake up for everyday!

  • Procrastinating because you're too afraid to make a career change.

  • Waiting for your boss to promote you.


  • How confident you’d feel knowing exactly what to focus on in your career.

  • How confident you'll feel when you take the career leaps you know will catapult you to your career potential.

  • Make career choices that give you self-empowerment and help you take control of your career.

3 Months of Career Coaching & Community with Maria Vitoratos


Design Your Career is not just another coaching session. It's a mindset shift for people who want a bespoke career strategy to achieve professional success.

Whether you're just starting your career or you're transitioning from one phase of your life to the next in your mid-life, Design Your Career is the strategy you need to plot your career growth while saving you years of employment frustration, tears, and disappointment.

I've helped hundreds of people build their dream career and create lasting work-life alignment. I'd be honoured to help you too. 💛

It's for those who want to create a meaningful, purposeful, and profitable career strategy.

Design Your Career is a high-quality, positive strategy where you can achieve your career goals without sacrificing your personal goals or joy.


TRUTH: You can overcome your fear of unemployment and believe in yourself CONFIDENTLY.


Since you are reading this page, you know it's time to stop waiting for change and start taking the leap to turn your career dreams into reality.

Gain clarity and direction in your career path with personalized coaching focused on your unique career aspirations.

Achieve self-accountability and discover your potential to pursue purposeful work that truly fulfills you.

Build confidence and transform your career challenges into opportunities for growth and success.

Discover the power of clarity and self-accountability to take control of your professional journey.

Find confidence in your abilities and create a life-long career journey filled with purposeful work and clear direction.

Just imagine waking up for work with more. . . 

Clarity & Direction


Get clear on the direction that you want in your professional life. Determine with certainty your potential career paths and take advantage of your opportunities with razor sharp focus.

Confidence &



Cultivate a strong sense of confidence, self-assurance and embrace the challenges to overcome your current career obstacles and achieve your career aspirations with confidence.

Success & Fulfillment

Attain both professional success and personal fulfillment by finding job and satisfaction in the work that you will design that will align with a healthy life balance that allows you to thrive in all aspects of your life!

Maria Vitoratos Career Coach and Public Speaker
Career Clarity with Maria Vitoratos, Career Coach

Design Your Career is led by Maria Vitoratos, the UAE's most passionate Career Coach and the author of 'Empowerment for Teens', podcast host & producer of 'Let's Talk Careers' and an avid researcher always focusing on helping people just like you gain career confidence and make career choices that help them thrive, succeed, and feel proud. 

What you'll learn in the Design Your Career is based on experience, education, career theory, and endless career conversations that she's had with clients, podcast guests, and her endless hours researching career advisory processes. 


Here's what you can expect from the program.....

Finally gain high-quality career guidance and get crystal-clear on how you want your career to look , feel, and be for the rest of your life.

Design career steps that make you feel safe and excited about work. Avoid making 'reactive' decisions that stress you out.

Break-free from a bad job and a horrible boss that doesn't care about your career. Leap into career choices that align with your life vision.

Shift your mindset from "I can't change" to "What else can I do"? 

Make proactive career decisions that guarantee that you wake up everyday feeling a sense of purpose and fulfillment when you go to work.

Transform your life and finally find  work-life alignment instead of  work-to-survive misalignment.

Design Your Career with Maria Vitoratos

Try Before You Buy....

What's It Like Inside Design Your Career? 

Here's an Overview

The Design Your Career is a 3- month virtual experience with a bespoke strategy created to meet your needs. Each session includes career education, practical coaching tools, and reflexivity exercises.

  • LIVE 1-1 Career Discovery Session: Meet Maria and discuss your career challenges, hopes, and aspirations. Maria will design the program strategy and share the proposal with you. Once you approve the strategy proposal, you are ready to begin your program.

  • 6 x 1-1 Career Coaching Sessions with Maria: This designed-for-you program will save you years of disappointment and frustration at work. You will take accountability success metrics.​

  • Final Coaching Report at the end of the coaching program.

  • LIVE Monthly Career Coaching Group Sessions.

  • On-Demand Access to Webinar Recordings.

  • Private Members Community

  • Downloadable Worksheets that Build on the Webinar Learnings​

Before I designed my career, I was jumping from job-to-job and quitting because I felt undervalued and unable to succeed at work.

I would always tell everyone else how much potential they had, but deep down, I never believed that I could succeed if my boss didn't see my value. I worked hard to achieve my work targets, but no matter what I did, there was always someone else that got the promotion, or found the better job opportunity. 

In 2008, I took the leap of faith and left my full-time job to pursue entrepreneurship. I had no idea what I was doing, or why I was doing it. My skills wavered, and my personal life took the hit. So, in 2015, I went back to full-time employment, but this time, I had a clearer purpose and worked so hard to achieve success at work. Unfortunately, I found myself in front of another boss who didn't see my value, and disliked my career confidence. Seven years later, the death of my eldest daughter, and a HORRIBLE work bully finally made me take a leap and I DESIGNED MY CAREER. 

Has my work life been easy since I took the leap? No, but you know what was harder....feeling undervalued, made to feel small, and left to believe that I was 'lucky' to have a job. Feeling stuck in your career is NOT what you need to feel; it's a decision you make every day. This is YOUR sign that you can DESIGN YOUR CAREER, find a purpose, and build strategies that will make you gain confidence, increase your skills, and change your life. Don't let the fear of failure stop you from building a career that you will finally feel confident having.

"I spent so much time and money building my skills, my education, and my confidence. If I can't wake up feeling a sense of purpose, and work with people that believe in my value, I will find another way to earn money. Remember, your career is the journey that you design for yourself. You can't let fear keep you stuck because fear is an identity thief. It will make you believe you can't before you even try. Your career success will look different to other people's but that doesn't mean it's not worthy. Once you design your career, you'll learn that every job you accept will be made with intention. Your final career destination is the compass that will help you make decisions. This strategy works for me; it will work for you too."

~Maria Vitoratos

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Is Design Your Career Right for You? 

  • You are looking to take charge of your career path and create a powerful, fulfilling strategy.

  • You want to approach things differently to achieve the high-value results desire..​

  • You are ready to commit, put in the effort, and stay focused on your journey while keeping your life goals in sight.

  • You are ready to take responsibility for the steps needed to reach your dream career.

  • You understand that having a career strategy will make them more adaptable and help them take clear, purposeful actions.

Design Your Career is NOT Right for You if You're: 

 Looking for a quick-fix to get you a job.

X   You are not ready to go from a closed-mindset to an open, growth-driven mindset.

X   Design Your Career is not a fast, easy, investment for you right now.


X  You are happy with the 'wing it and find a job' theory and have no desire to try something          a new strategy.

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