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Design a Career
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Don’t get a Job: Transform Your Career!

Hi there!


However you found me, I’m SUPER excited that you did! Welcome to your online career hub, packed with amazing advice, tips, and resources to help you succeed. Think of me as your Career Coach! I specialise in career development for youth, fresh graduates, professionals, and those in mid-career transitions.

I'm dedicated to helping people like YOU understand how career guidance can benefit you at any stage of life. Your career choices will shape the quality of your life, and I want to help you seize every opportunity available. Let's make your career journey a successful and fulfilling one!


Are YOU Ready To Be The Next Success Story?

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Career Discovery
for Teens

What will it cost you to go to university without career clarity? Are you willing to 'wing it' and hope that you make the right choice?  If you are tired of feeling anxious and insecure, this is the program for you!

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Design Your Career
for Adults

What will it cost you to keep working at a job that you hate or to stay stuck in a career that you didn't even choose? If you're tired of waking up on Monday morning feeling anxious and wondering how many MORE Mondays you'll need to keep working at your job, this is the program for you!

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Leadership Career Design

What will it cost you to use old fashioned limiting leadership strategies that don't prove effective or get your team to buy-in to your leadership vision. If you're an aspiring leader or an experienced leader, you WANT this program. Gone are the days where you tell your team what to do and hope that they will follow your lead. 

Career Elevation Meetings for Women

Are you looking for a network of women who are as career-driven as you are? Do you want to develop your professional skillset? Remember, no one will care about your career growth if you don't. Join our monthly Career Elevation meetings and learn high-value career strategies, skills, and connect with like-minded career driven women. Meetings are hosted in-person and in Dubai (for now). 

Get inspired with our Career show,

Let's Talk Careers

with Ms.V!

With hundreds of episodes, Let's Talk Careers will motivate you with insights and wisdom to Design Your Career & live the life you love. Search our playlist to find the most amazing one for you!

Design Your Career & Love Your Life!

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Zeena, Professional

Maria is such an exceptional career coach whose guidance has been pivotal in my professional journey.
She worked with me to make big decisions in order to achieve worklife balance and long-term fulfillment. Her unique ability to listen deeply, understand my challenges, and provide insightful, tailored advice changed my mindset about how I should work and shape my career.



Jay, Student

As I was deciding on what options were available after completing my secondary education, I sought the advice of our Careers Coach - Ms. V. In retrospect, I realize how fortunate I was to have had the expert guidance of Ms.V in deciding what path post-secondary would be the best. Initially, I was unsure if I wanted to go to university to pursue a degree in aviation, or enter into flight school to pursue a pilot's license. Ms.V invited me to have a conversation with her, evaluating the pros and cons of both pathways and the potential career prospects in either case. These were highly valuable in providing a clearer picture of what would be the most beneficial option for me.


Alefiya, Professional

On the start of any journey, one looks for a role model, support and someone who can inspire and
motivate you to reach your goals. Maria has been my that inspiration, a guiding star and a go to person
from whom I have learned and gained so much of knowledge. Maria has supported me since the beginning, and I absolutely advocate Maria as a Careers Coach and
Mentor. Being with her she will inspire and support you throughout your journey.

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