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Neither alive nor dead. And I don't like it.

He pushed his cigarette butt hard into the ashtray on the serving table, which tipped over and slid back a little. Igor barely kept his hand

- Well, Sasha, is everything clear?

- Yes, everything seems to be, - Sasha agreed and hiccupped.

- Do you have any questions for me? I asked Zelepukin.

— No, everything is clear. Wait, I'll give you grannies these days. He reached into his back pocket and pulled out a thick spatula.

Here's six hundred for you. He handed me the bucks. - And you, Igor, too, so that your pants do not fall.

Sasha giggled and squared up to joke:

- As soon as the pants start to fall, let him look at her, they will rise at once!

- Or, on the contrary, they will definitely fall down! neighed Zelepukin. - You, Tanka, do not be offended, we are normal boys, it’s fun - we laugh, but it’s sad ...

“If it’s sad, we’ll shoot,” Sasha finished smiling.

- Exactly! - Zelepukin drew a line. - Who watches football? and turned on the TV. - Are you leaving?


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