Four Days, Three Talks, 1500 Empowered Teenagers

Updated: Jun 15, 2019

What a week it has been! Four days and three talks has offered 1500 students the opportunity to understand how career education, career support and a community of professionals can empower their future aspirations and most definitely help them begin to achieve their career goals. Since my return to the UAE after the summer holiday, I am feeling both energised and very passionate about this thing called 'Empowerment for Teens'. With another 500 students still to meet this month, I am excited to be sharing my top tips for teens to prepare themselves for the world of work and even more excited to feel the energy that fills the auditorium when teenagers start to believe that their career aspirations can become a reality. Where will you be during the week of 21st October to the 26th October? If you are in either Athens or Thessaloniki, join me for an 'Empowerment Talk for Teens in Greece'!

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