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Updated: Jun 15, 2019

Facebook, Instagram and even LinkedIn make us believe that we are connecting to 'friends' but in fact, how many of those on-line friends do we really know or even have a real connection with? As women living in the 21st century, we are so caught up with our careers, our families and our hopes for the future but where in that equation are 'we really'? Who are we? What do we identify with when the titles of the roles that we play in life are stripped away? This is the thought that inspired me to write today.

Another lovely Friday afternoon with the girls gave me the realization that as women of a 'certain age group', we are capable women who drive our careers in the direction of our aspirations and enjoy a full range of fun activities that keep us thriving in our lives. However, we all have one similar thought in common.....what's next? What will we do when the children grow up? What will we do if our relationship will change status? Then, for the women who are living as expatriates outside their home countries, there is the added 'where will we go when we have to leave our current country of residence'? As a single mother who is very career driven, I too find myself wondering all of the same thoughts. Some days, the thoughts grow in size and are terrorized by fear while other days, I am able to accept that my life is what it is and my questions about the future will always remain. I am able to convince myself that my thoughts need not be taken hostage by fear by reminding myself that I am a strong and very capable woman. It is on days like this, that I am able to remember that my fears are not going to stop me from living a healthy, thriving today. How about you? Do you have days when you feel like Super Woman and others when you feel like you don't even want to get out of bed? What is the underlying thought that creates both scenarios for you? Have you ever really sat back and listened to the dialogue that your mind has with itself? When no one is watching you and your mask of strength is removed, how do you speak to yourself?

In my life experience and my experience working with clients over the last decade, I have seen clear indications that our mindset has the greatest power over our potential for thriving in our lives. I too am guilty of falling down emotionally and for those that know me well, some of my darkest experiences have kept me down longer than anyone should ever be. However, what I recognize is that regardless how many empowering friends and family members we have in our circle, we will only rise from the darkness when WE are ready to accept our circumstances and when WE decide to do things differently, let go of our self-sabotage and live to our best ability.

With social media promoting the 'happiest memories', we may find ourselves comparing our lives to our 'online friends'. So this also makes me wonder if we are living in a 'we have to do it alone' rat race. After all, when someone asks you the generic 'how are you' question, do they really mean 'how ARE you'? As women, we are taught to be strong and do-it-all and the Insta-friendships encourage likes on our happy picture-perfect memories. Are you doing it alone? Are you crawling out of bed everyday and painting the plastic smile on your face to keep up with the image of what 'happy should look like'? Although many may debate me on this, I do not believe that we were created to do it alone but rather we should be living in communities with authentic connections that allow us to ask ourselves 'how would I like to support myself through the process of change'? There are so many platforms for self-development in our world today but the one thing that remains the same will always be the fact that there is no magic formula to changing our current state of mind. We must take the necessary steps forward and do the work. Self-development increases our self-awareness and by doing so, we are taking the actions that lead us down the path to our thriving success.

If you are ready to take some real actions and create the life that you want as a strong, confident woman who is connecting with her community. Join us for our next 'The Confident Woman' workshop where you will be able to clarify your core values, recognize how your limiting belief system may be an obstacle to your success, create life goals and start taking daily actions to create the life that gets you excited everyday!

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