Maria Vitoratos

Founder of #STRONG, Careers Educator, Coach, Author of Empowerment For Teens & Global Speaker


Maria Vitoratos is an Entrepreneur at the core and she is always striving to create new opportunities that will empower her audiences around the world.  With her social projects #STRONG, and the UAE Careers Community, it is evident that Maria uses her various professional tools from coaching to teaching and everything in-between to empower young people and the community.  She is someone who is always striving to empower individuals on both personal & professional platforms. She has contributed to the growth and success of individuals, adolescents, and teams since the early days of 2007.


Maria continues to strive for her personal best in all elements of her career and her life whilst remaining genuine and authentic. Her greatest strength is ‘moving things forward’ while demonstrating commitment to her own professional development, as well as the professional development of her team, her students, and her clients.

Maria is presently leading her two social projects,  #STRONG and The UAE Careers Community while also leading a dynamic Careers Coaching Program with teenagers and young adults in the United Arab Emirates. 


Through her work with teenagers and adults, Maria is significantly impacting the capacity to influence and manage change within the global community. She is passionate about securing the best outcomes for the individuals in her care and she is determined to energize and empower the individuals that she works with.