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Their Future, Their Choice

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Working with the youth is one of the most enriching experiences of a person's life.  Knowing that 'the world tomorrow' can be better because you inspired a young person to strive for their best and to bring the world some of that amazing talent is riveting to say the least.


Maria has been working with teens since the early days of 2007 when she launched her coaching consultancy and began to support families with teens who were struggling to communicate and to understand each other. 


Currently, Maria is leading a Careers programme that enables the youth to begin to discover their career aspirations AND to begin connecting the dots between what they want to study and how it will unfold for them in the world of work.  Alongside this work, she is actively supporting families and teens to find their common communication platforms so that together, as a family, they can enjoy healthier and more peaceful family relationships.  

Writing a book for the youth felt a natural thing to do for Maria and the skills, strategies and nuggets of advice that she provides her readers in the book have been tried and tested with young teenagers, young adults and those adults who are young at-heart. 


Feel free to reach out to Maria for any support that you may be having as a parent or as a young adult (that means 13++) and she will support you along your journey

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