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Career readiness is not a static experience.  Whether you are fourteen and beginning the journey or you are retired and reflecting on the journey, career readiness impacts the quality of your life and those around you.  As a social scientist who is determined to raise the awareness of careers education across the globe, I aim to empower my clients (regardless of age or stage of life) with the skills and strategies to empower their career journey and essentially, to empower their life. 

Are you at a crossroads in your life? Is your career the focus of your attention?

Are you reflecting backwards or thinking forwards to change or evolve your career?

If you answered YES, this is YOUR page! 

My motto is ALWAYS....don't survive in your career, T-H-R-I-V-E!



This is a service to help young people understand how career discovery can empower them to make subject choices, post-secondary education choices and gain the right mindset for a career-ready future. 

Young Professionals

This is a service to help young professionals who are ready to plan their next career milestone and join the world of leadership.  Are you between the ages of 23 and 35? Are you ready for leadership or do you want to discover a new career milestone? Careers for the young professional create opportunities to unlearn old habits and relearn new strategies to take you to the next career milestone.  

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Career Practitioners

This is a service to empower the career practitioner who wants to take their career service at the institution from start to OUTSTANDING.  The program was created with theory and practice in mind.  The 9-month program will enable the practitioner to create a culture-fit service for the insitution while ensuring that a high-quality guidance will empower the students with career-readiness!

Careers for Women & Little Women

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This is a service to help the parent who wants to learn the strategies to support their teen with careers guidance at home.  Whether you are a parent who just wants to understand how to help your teen or you are the parent who wants to take the reigns and support your teen on their career journey, this service is for you!

Happy Couple

Are you looking for a careers talk for your students, parents or team of professionals in the workplace? Maria Vitoratos is a confident and experienced public speaker. Her background in education, coaching and career development make her knowledgeable, skilled and insightful.  Her public speaking presence is founded in confidence, clarity and audience engagement.

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