Careers Coaching for Teens

Career readiness is a journey that most commonly begins when a young person enters adolescence and it continues to evolve through their life.  Careers is not a static experience and it most definitely is much larger than just applying to university.  This service is created to ensure that a young person can gain direction, clarity and begin to make explore the plethora of opportunities that exist for their future careers. 

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Careers Discovery & Research

Beginning the journey of careers readiness means that the student must discover, explore and begin the career research process.  There is no short-cut to career readiness and the starting point is the most essential component.  These sessions are structured and catered to include the needs of the individual student. 


Employability Skills

Gaining career readiness requires that the individual has access to careers guidance that teach employability sessions.  This service provides transferable skills to ensure that the students is gaining skills for employment. 

Services include:

  • Building a professional profile

  • Creating a professional resume

  • Gaining professional confidence skills

  • Gaining networking skills

  • Gaining interview skills

  • Gaining professional email etiquette

  • Gaining experiences of work

Individual Sessions & Group Workshops Available

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Mentoring for Careers Practitioners (Instagram Post) (4).png

Post-Secondary Services

Not all post-secondary pathways are equal.  This service enables a student to work on specific tasks to complete post-secondary requirements. 


Services include:

  • personal statement/college essay mentoring

  • post-secondary institution research

  • academic CV writing

Individual Sessions and Group Workshops available.